Trinity Women’s Ministry
Our Women’s ministry focuses on regular gatherings to inspire community, and build unity.
We desire to have a women’s ministry that is multigenerational: A women’s ministry to women of all ages from little girls to the oldest women in the church. A women’s ministry that is all inclusive: Every woman in the church must know and feel that she belongs to and is part of the women’s ministry.

We seek to serve the needs of all the women in our church, as well as where have opportunities to fellowship, get to know each other, and form caring relationships and mentoring relationships.

We seek to create a women’s ministry where women are discipled in God’s word and grow together spiritually, as well as serve those women who are hurting are helped to know God’s love for them and to receive His healing and restoration

If you are interested in being a part of our women’s community, contact:

Mrs. Virginia Christel at