Core Values

 Our Core Values:


Below is a list of our core values that shape our approach to ministry:

Full-Gospel Teaching

The pulpit steers the church. Hence one of our strongest values is the word of God.  We believe The Bible to be the most important authority in faith and practice at TAG. We desire for people to understand and apply the scriptures.

Spirit-filled Worship

We value Spirit-filled WORSHIP that glorifies God, engages the heart, renews the mind, and taps into the emotions of people with God.


Building Community

We value PEOPLE.  God expresses relational love to people, so we desire to help people grow in their ability to love and connect with one another. It is our desire that everyone who visits TAG will sense acceptance, hope, comfort and healing in their lives.

Quality Ministry

We value quality in ministry.  God has given us to reach people with the good news of salvation. At TAG, we will measure all areas of our effectiveness, leadership, ministries, and organizational structure based on our mission, vision and values. We are willing to change and take risks to fulfill our God-given mission.

Empowering Leadership

We value doing a ministry as a TEAM. Once leaders are identified and prepared for service, we believe that leaders need to be given the responsibility and authority to accomplish their God-appointed roles at TAG.

Financial Stewardship

We value OBEDIENT SUPPORT of God’s work through financial stewardship. Faithful stewardship of all of our resources including time, possession and money is a key mark of genuine faith. We strive to develop people who prioritize their lives in a way that reflects submission and support with our financial resources. We challenge people to give to 3 areas. General operations, missions, and debt elimination.